Gerald Croft

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  • Gerald Croft
    • "An attractive chap about thirty, rather to manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well-bred man-about-town"
    • Has a choice as to whether he will learn his lesson like the younger generation or not learn it like the older generation
    • Not as willing as Sheila to admit his part in the girl's death
      • Initially denies knowing who the girl is
    • Genuinely had feelings for Daisy Renton and is very moved by her death
      • Must have been true love because her class didn't matter to him he fell in love with her because of her personality / pity
    • In Act III he tries to prove that the Inspector is a fake
      • He wanted to do this as the Inspector had made clear that Croft was guilty in playing a part in Eva's death
      • Not gained a new sense of social responsibility
    • "We're respectable citizens and not criminals"
      • Judgement leans towards Birling's opinion
      • Disagrees with Sheila yet married couples are meant to support each other
      • Could foreshadow that him and Sheila shouldn't be together
    • "You couldn't have done anything else"
      • Sides with Birling over future wife
      • Painting Birling as a hero - he did all he could for Eva
    • "You seem to be a nice - well - behaved family"
      • Dramatic irony as audience get feeling that all is not well
      • Foreshadow -  that it may not stay that way for long
    • Represents the selfish attitude of the upper class
      • Lets audience down as we believe he can change
      • Shows how ingrained attitudes were in the upper class and how difficult it is to change


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