the influence of culture of romantic relationships

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  • the influence of culture on romantic relationships
    • Western and non-western r/s
      • Voluntary or non-voluntary r/s
        • Western cultures who have a predominantly urban setting ensures voluntary interaction with large number of people, may of whom are first acquaintances
          • Western cultures therefore appear to be characterised by high degree of choice in romantic r/s and a greater pool of potential r/s
            • Non-western cultures have fewer urban centres therefore people have less choice about whom they interact with, interactions with strangers are rare and r/s are frequently tied to other factors such as family or economic resources
      • Individual or group-based r/s
        • Western cultures place great freedom on the rights and freedom of indivs
          • Such cultures are individualistic
            • Non-western cultures, the group tends to the primary concern, called collectivist
              • They are encouraged to be independent rather than interdependent
                • Moghaddam et al – collectivist cultures: r/s have more to do with family or group, individualist cultures: more to do with interests of individual


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