The Green Revolution

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  • The Green Revoltion
    • Advantages
      • Yields are up to 4X greater
      • Shorter growing season = Extra Crop
      • Farming incomes increased
        • More machinery, better seeds ect
      • Employment increased in industries supplying farms with inputs
      • Irrigated areas increased
      • By intensifying production on EXISTING land, it spares land tracts of willderness in Africa e.g
    • Disadvantages
      • High amounts of pesticides ect were needed
        • This also costed a lot of money
      • Rural debt increased due to farmers borrowing money
      • HYVs require more weed control and attract more pests ect
      • High income farmers benefitied much more than low
        • Widening the income gap
        • Created increased RURAL - URBAN MIGRATION
      • Mechanisation increased unemployment
      • Salinisation of crops
      • Dependence on TNCs
    • In ASIA, almost 90% of fields have HYVs.
    • From 1970-90 RICE HYVs increased from 12% to 67%


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