population predictions

bit about the 3 predictions made about population

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Malthus' prediction was pessimistic

he thought that whilst people grow at a geometric rate, resources grow at a arithmatic rate, which will eventually be the same and there will be more people than resources creating a resource deficeit

However this hasn't happened as yet due to Agricultural revolution, Industrial revolutions, international trade etc. emmigration, HYVs, Green revolution and GMS

He used postive checks such as war, famine, death to demonstrate how to keep a reduced population

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Boserup was one of the first females to make a prediction back in 1970

she said "Need was the mother of invention"

This means when something is in demand then we will use resources more efficeintly like HYVS- producing plants that where more resistant against disease and could produce double/triple the normal yeild

If there are depleted resources, the will become higher in value and so resources will be used more efficiently

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Club of Rome

Everything is interelated eg: population, pollution, food productions, resources

If one becomes too high or too low it can seriously impact the other e.g too much food is being produced, not all is being sold, ends up rotting and going to waste

We should be sustainable, so use things to the best we can, recycle and reuse them to reduce waste

If we don't then there could be a large economic consequence to pay

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