Food issues

Food issues for GEOG1

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Types of farming


- the growing of crops, usually on flatter land


- the raising of animals, usually on land that is not used for arable farming


- the growing of crops and rearing of animals

- this is used on a commercial scale across developed countries

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- growing and providing food only for the farmer and his family

- sometimes food is produced for the local community

- there is no surplus

- labour intensive, amount of capital input is low


- large scale, profit making farming

- very high yields per hectare

- commercial farms often grow just one type of crop/rear one type of animal

- amount of capital input is high, labour input is low

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The Green revolution

Advantages of the green revolution

  • more crops of different varieties being produced resulting to increase in yeilds.
  • its decreased the number of human labour and it has increased employment in industries. 
  • Advantage to farmers: this includes their economic situation improving, even small and marginal farmers (although they were late in joining) getting better yield, control on many insects and pests, mechanizing improved working conditions
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