Austria State Treaty and the Geneva Summit 1955

A mind map on the Austrian State Treaty and The Geneva Summit of 1955

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  • Austrian State Treaty and The Geneva Summit 1955
    • Soviet objectives for Geneva
      • Need more conventional forces in it's sphere of influence
      • Soviet's also wanted a summit after West Germany had joined NATO
    • Outcome of Geneva Summit
      • 'Open Skies' proposal
        • Both countries provide details of nuclear instalations
        • Aerial reconnaissance permitted
          • Each plane allowed one representative of the country that was being inspected
        • Rejected by Khrushchev because the Soviet's couldn't match the American U-2 Spy Plane
      • Future of Germany
        • Eisenhower proposed reunified Germany
          • To include free elections and freedom to secure it's own security
            • Would almost certainly lead to it becoming part of NATO
          • Khrushchev would only accept a reunified Germany that was neutral and demilitarised
      • Khrushchev refused to discuss the eastern states
    • Austrian State Treaty
      • Austria had been divided into occupation zones after WWII
      • Withdrawal of all foreign powers
      • Austria would become a neutral state like Yugoslavia and Finland
        • Would be neither part of NATO or absorbed into the Soviet sphere of influence
      • Strengthened East-West relations as well as the concept of peaceful coexistance
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