Peaceful Coexistence

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  • Peaceful Coexistence
    • Definition: avoiding armed confrontation through peaceful negotiations
    • Austrian State Treaty 1955
      • Led to a withdrawal of occupying powers and the declaration that Austria would be a neutral state
      • USSR's willingness to both accept Finland and Yugoslavia as neutral states. Therefore not liable to be subjected to joining soviet sphere of influence
      • Removed a major source of potential conflict
    • Geneva Summit 1955
      • Dialogue between the superpowers
      • foundations for PCE
      • On the 2 major issues which the summit discussed, no satisfactory outcome was reached
      • First summit since Potsdam
    • Berlin Ultimatum
      • Khr sense of superiority/ parity after sputnik. - needed to shower the USSR was superior
    • Paris Summit 1960
      • Summit collapsed due to a U-2 spy plane being shot down over the Soviet Union
      • Khr tries to use incident to strengthen position against USA
    • Arms Race
      • massive retaliation policy - USA - best security ensure SU did not use nuclear weapons (deterrence)
      • won propaganda war with launch of sputnik and placed faith in ICBMs
    • Khr 1956 speech
      • Condoned Stalinism


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