The Fourteen Points

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  • The Fourteen Points
    • 1. No secret treaties.
    • 2. Free access to the seas in peacetime or wartime.
    • 3. Free trade between countries.
    • 4. All countries to work towards disarmament.
    • 5. Colonies to have a say in their own future.
    • 6. German troops to leave Russia.
    • 7. Independance for Belgium.
    • 8. France to regain Alsace-Lorraine.
    • 9. Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted.
    • 10. Self determination for the peoples of Eastern Europe.
      • Self Determination- they should rule themselves.
    • 11.Serbia to have access to the sea.
    • 12. Self determination for the people in the Turkish Empire.
    • 13. Poland to become an independent state with access to the sea.
    • 14. League of Nations to be set up.


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