German reaction to the Treaty of Versaillies

The reaction of the German people to the Treary of Versaillies

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German reaction to Treaty of Versaillies

  • Horrified
  • Thought it was unfair
  • Thought they should have a say in the terms of the Treaty and not just be forced to sign it
  • They were angry with the government for signing it
  • Didn't accept the blame for starting the war - a term of the treaty (war guilt clause)
  • Reparations lead to economic problems which made the German economy worse as it was already damaged
  • They were angry that they were one of the only countries to have to disarm and because of this they couldn't defend themselves
  • They lost colonies and territory which was bad for the economy and there pride
  • Wilson's (American President) fourteen points didn't happen as they were told it would and they couldn't join the League of Nations which made them annoyed
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