The Paris peace conference and the big three

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  • The Paris Peace Conference and the Big Three
    • Happened in January 1919
      • 32 countries met In Paris
    • Was dominated by David Lloyd George, George Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson
      • The "big three", Leaders of Britain, France, and America
    • Negotiations were difficult because the big three all wanted different things to arise from the conference
      • Because each nation had been treated differently by the war
    • Here is where the Treaty of Versailles was made
      • Germany had no say over what was in the Treaty
      • Germans were forced to sign the treaty
    • Many expected the Treaty to be based on Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points
      • Examples from the plan
        • Setting up the league of nations
        • Disarmament for all
        • Self-determination for all
    • Some aims of the big three
      • Woodrow Wilson
        • Not to blame Germany for the war
        • Create the Fourteen Point plan
      • George Clemenceau
        • wanted revenge and to punish Germany
        • Huge reparations
      • David Lloyd George
        • Land for Britains Empire
        • Wanted Germany to be strong enough for trade


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