The Fall of Parnell

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  • The Fall of Parnell
    • 1886 "Plan of Campaign" threatened Parnell's reputation as a 'respectable' politician
      • Although, he was helped by a smear campaign launched by 'the times'
        • 1887-8 they claimed to have letters written by Parnell that showed him encouraging violence
          • These were proved to be fake and Parnell looked respectable again
    • November 1890- Captain O'Shea named Parnell in his petition for divorce from his wife, Kitty
      • Many people, including the Catholic Church. criticised Parnell as an adulterer
      • Lost a lot of support
    • December 1890- Meeting of Irish Party which ended in a split
      • McCarthy and 44 MPs left the party
      • Parnell supported by Fenian MPs and continued to campaign becoming much more radical
    • 1891- Parnell died and Irish Party was split
      • The Irish National League led by John Redmond
      • The Irish National Federation led by John Dillon


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