The Evacuation Of Dunkirk

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  • The Evacuation Of Dunkirk. Triumph or Disaster?
    • "There were bodies floating in the water and we were under constant attack from machine-gun fire, bombing and explosions" DISASTER
    • "Wars are not won by evacuation"-Winston Churchill DISASTER
    • "All night and day men of the undefeated British Force have been coming home. From interviews with the men it is clear they have come back in glory; and their morale is as high as ever" TRIUMPH
    • "After the evacuation, the British people felt the 'Spirit of Dunkirk'" TRIUMPH
    • Hitler announced that 1,212,000 Dutch, Belgian, French and British people had been taken prisoner. In addition he said his army had stole British machinery and weapons." DISASTER
    • "The contribution of civilian volunteers to the success of Dunkirk was brave, bit it was not significant in terms on number rescued" DISASTER


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