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Operation Dynamo

Operation dynamo was a plan to evacuate the britsh troops from dunkirk (france) back to englans via boats.

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Operation Sealion.

This was the plan that the nazis intended to use to invade britain through the channel. However the Nazi's wern't able to follow thorugh with this plan due to the fact that Britain won the battle of britain in the air.

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Blitzkried is the tactic that almost all modern day armie's use. The reason it is so effective is because it is so quick. As well as this it srikes fear into the heart of the enemy. The way it works is that planes go over were they want to attack first bombing them. Then the tanks go in and try and wipe out the enemy. Then the foot troops come in and secure the ground. The vechiles then move on to the next location.

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Invasion of France

Blitzkrieg is how germany took france. They took it very successfully. Driving the british and the french back to dunkirk inside around 2 weeks. They attacked through the ardennes forest which the allies didn't expect. They then cornered them in dunkirk.

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