Effect of early experiences on adult relationships

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  • the effect of early experiences on adult relationships
    • continuity hypothesis
      • early relationships create the basis for later
    • BOWLBY
      • internal working modekl
        • is a schema of what relationships will be like
          • consist of people viewing themselves as loveable etc
    • attachment type
        • not much concern shown when parent left or returned, avoided stranger
      • SECURE
        • subdued when parent left and greeted positively when returned. Avoidance towards stranger
        • intense distress when parent left, rejected when returned. inconsistent behaviour towards stranger
    • adolescent experiences
      • Moore 1997 measured attachment type by Q's to 100 teens  for social acceptability
        • found secure teens less likely to engage in risky sex. secure teens were more likely to have sex
      • Feeney/ Noller 1992 examined link between attachment type and breakdown
        • found 3 types differed.
          • avoidant were more likely to break
          • attachment type is not fixed due to seriousess changes and type


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