Hitler's actions leading up to WW2.

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  • Hitler's actions leading up to WW2.
    • 1934: Failed Anschluss. Hitler encourages riots, which eventually lead to the murder of Austrian chancellor Dolfuss. Hitler then tried to take over, but  Mussolini  moved his army to the border and prevented it.
      • 1935: The return of the Saar- the people voted to determine whever or not they returned to Germany. 90% voted in favour of return to Germany. Also signed anglo-german naval agreement- 35% of British. rearmament- army to half a million.
        • 1936: Rhineland. Hitler sends troops to re-occupy the Rhineland whilst B and F are distracted with Abyssinia. Orders to retreat if France offers any resistance- they do nothing.
          • !937; Anti-comintern pact- Hitler gains an alliance with Italy and Japan agaianst communism.
            • 1938: Anschluss- Rumours of another nazi plot, Schsushnigg appeals to Hitler, Hitler forces him to appoint Nazi leader Seys Inquart as police leader. Hitler then encourages riots- Seys does nothing. Schsuhnigg realises Hitler wont help. Decided to call a plebiscite as to whever the people want to join Germany or not- Hitler then moves army to border and forces him to resign. Later plebiscite to justify- 99% vote in favour.
              • 1938: Sudetenland-Hitler encourages Henlein to do independence riots, chamberlain flies to Berchetsgaden to ask what Hitler wants- Hitler wants plebiscites in Sudentenland. Chamberlain gets France and Benes of Czechoslovakia to agree- flies to Godesburg but Hitler now wants immediate occupation. Mussolini then calls munich conference- no Czechoslovakia or Russia. B, F, G and I agree to give Hitler sudetenland- Britain and Germany secret agreement- would not go to war again.
                • 1939: Poland and Hungary have already gained Czech land. Hitler then encourages further riots in the Czechslovakia land- H forced to invite Hitler in.
                  • 1939:  Hitler makes Nazi Soviet pact with Stalin- agrees not to go to war with each other- secretly agrees to split Poland. This guarentees war as Britain and Franc had both promised to defend poland.
                    • 1939- War!
                  • They had lost 70% of defenses at Munich agreement.
                  • Consequences
                    • Hitler and Mussolini signed the pact of steel- commiting that they would support the other in war time.
                    • Britain and france agree to protect Poland- end of appeasementas Hitler could not justify this.
        • 1935- anglo german naval agreement- 35% of british fleet- didnt include submarines. Meant that by 1938 Hitler had 47 u-boats, the army ha 800,000 and 2000 aircraft.
      • 1934- 10 year non aggression pact with Poland to secure borders and prove Hitler wouldn't take back polish corridor.


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