The Cosmological Revolution & Evolution 

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  • The Cosmological Revolution & Evolution
    • The Cosmological Revolution
      • Before astrologists had made their discoveries, people took things from the bible & interpreted them in a literal sense
        • In the Bible it said that the world was held up by pillars in Medieval times - it also said that dead people were under the world
      • The astrologists found out that planets revolve around the sun, but that was later proven wrong as Kepler explained that it was elliptical
        • Kepler also found out that the sun wasn't in the center of the solar system - by now Newton had explained how gravity worked & how it wasn't pillars that kept earth stable
    • Evolution
      • Before Darwin, everyone thought that God created everything in the creation story
      • People back then had less geographical information & had no knowledge of rocks wearing away at land or volcanoes forming
      • Everything people knew came from the Church as many could not read & relied on Monks or Priests to teach them
      • In the bible it said that God had created fossils with the appearance of age to test peoples faith - anything that goes against God had an excuse
      • Scholars began to suggest the Bible wasn't as accurate as presumed - rumours began spreading of animals adapting & changing to fit their environment
      • Other theories went round like Lamarick & Cavier, but each theory was eventually disproved by Darwin and his theory of evolution
      • Darwon was a natural scientist who wrote a book called 'On the Origin of Species' - written in 1859
        • This book was based on the voyage around the world with his documented research on the animals in their habitat he visited
        • In his book he talked about how in the variety of animals, so many have to adapt to their environment to survive environmental conditions & to gain more against predators
      • This made some people angry as it went against the Bible and how he made each animal perfectly - the only reason that Darwin didn't receive hate was because in his last chapter he claimed that God had large involvement in natural selection


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