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Cosmological Theory

  • Everything that exists was caused to exist.
  • The universe exists so it must have a cause.
  • There had to be something external (without beginning or end) that was not caused by anything.
  • The external first cause is God therefore God exists as the uncaused cause.
  • Supported by the bible in Genesis "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..."
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Teleological Theory

  • Put forward by William Paley in the eighteenth century.
  • There is a difference between a stone and a watch. One must be manufactured carefully to work whereas the other is simply there.
  • The world is like a watch carefully constructed by a designer.
  • If you put the pieces in a different order it wouldn't work correctly.
  • The world is perfect and complex - e.g.DNA, the food chain, the seasons.
  • The world is too amazing to be just chance - it must have been constructed and designed by someone who really thought about it. Therefore, God exists as the designer.
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  • Charles Darwin observed that depending on the enviroment, different variations in species can occure yet the story of Creation doesn't go along with this theory.
  • Genesis says we were made in the image of man, NOT evoloved from apes.
  • Gaps in the fossil records means that we still lack the scientific proof to prove evolution is true.
  • Evolution goes against the Design Argument.
  • Fundamental Christians believe 100% of what the Bible says whereas Liberal Christians are more open to accept that the Bible is not a historically or scientifically accurate book.
  • The Genesis Creation story in the Bible tells us that God created the world in stages and this can be matched up with the evolutionary stages.
  • Evolution explains the problems that the Design Argument poses - e.g. why there is illness or why there are conjoined twins etc. God has specifically designed them - but they hae evolved from God's original design.
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  • Day 1: Day and night created. Day 2: Sky and sea created. Day 3: Land and plants created. Day 4: Sun, moon and stars created. Day 5: Sea creatures and birds created.  Day 6: Wild animals, man and woman created. Day 7: God rested.
  • No mention of dinosaurs, atheists argue that the peope writing the bible wouldn't have had dinosaurs around.
  • Mentions "days" before the creation of the planets.
  • Mentions "plants" before the creation of the sun.
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Cosmological Revolution

  • Galileo oposed te idea that the Earth was at the centre of the universe and the idea that it was immovable aswell.
  • He found various facts to prove that the Bible was wrong and that the planets didn't orbit the earth.
  • Many disagreed with him because science was less popular than it is nowadays.
  • Galileo didn't disagree with religion merely the historical inacurracy of the Bible.
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