The Buckingham Rebellion

An overview of Key chronology and reasons for the buckingham rebellion

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  • The Buckingham Rebellion October 1483
    • Overview
      • Richard's hold on power was far from secure, despite appearances in York. He was soon to be revealed fragile.
        • He learned in October that he could not rely on his closest ally or his brother's powerful network of local support
      • The opposition that grew in the south-eastern countries during July and August 1483 became stronger and more widespread which culminated in a series of rebellions across southern England.
      • Buckingham soon joined these rebellions even though he had been well rewarded for his central role in the usurpation. In July he was granted constableshipof all castles and stewardship of all lands in shropshire and herefordshire, but it obviously wasn't enough for Buckingham
    • Possible reasons for Buckingham Rebelling.
      • Richard had promised Buckingham the Earldom of Hereford though it had to be confirmed by parliament. However the letters patent for this title were never issued suggesting that the king changed his mind. So Buckingham could have rebelled out of spite and greed.
      • Another reason could have been that Buckingham perceived Richard to become friendly with the woodville faction, to whom he detested
      • Another idea was that Buckingham was driven by personal conscience after the assumed death of the princes.
      • Buckingham was seen to have developed an insatiable appetite for reward and was offended when he was not given it
      • Or one explanation was seen to be that Buckingham sought the throne himself to start off with as he too was descended from Edward III
      • Or another was that Buckingham perceived himself to be a kingmaker. He wanted to lead the rebellion that would place Henry Tudor. Therefore making a name for himself and also reap more rewards from the grateful new king.
    • Key Chronology
      • October/November 1483
        • 11th Oct- Richard III, in Lincoln learns that Buckingham backs the rebels in Kent
          • 15th Oct- a unusually heavy storm blows over England causing the rivers to flood.
            • By 18th Oct  - the south-west rebels have gathered in Exeter
              • 18th October, Buckingham invites Henry to invade but he can't get to England due to storms
                • 28th October the kng has secured Salsibury and calmed the rebels
                  • 2nd November Buckingham is executed for Treason
                    • By 8th November most of the rebel leaders flee from England and join Henry Tudor


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