Up at a Villa- Down in the City

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  • Up at a Villa- Down in the City
    • Rhythm
      • Starts as rhyming triplets, then couplets, then gets a bit more confusing, lots more rhymes, to represent the accumulationof the city
        • Contrast between order and disorder, rhyme shceme out of control
      • Rhyming at the end is comic, 'a-holding the yellow candles/another a cross with handles/ for the better prevention of scandals', , candles are significant in religious ceremony but are described with as much importance as the handles or scandals
        • Is it a celebration of the Church of is it an excuse to celebrate, he is obsessed with material items Browning uses visual details a lot
    • Layout
      • Repetition, 'money, money', greedy, grasping, like Bishops. Also SpanishClois. because of the anger, wanting, 'Had I plenty of money'
      • While up at a villa one lives/no more than a beast'
        • Similie, you'll become an animal in the countryside
      • Punctuation shows restlessnesss, 'I scratch my own, soemtimes, to see if the hair's turned wool', lots of caesuras
      • sibalance, 'spout and splash/ sings and springs'
      • '-and seven swords stuck in her heart!' 7 joys of Mary, sibalance
      • 'Bng-whang-whang goes the drum, tootle-te-tootle the fife', noises of drums just as important as Mary's role, suggests this isn't a religious person, more involved in materialistic things, the chaos of the city, excitment, people banging their feet, 'n'No keeping one's haunches still'.
        • This is repeated at the last line to end poem
    • Context
      • Browning loved Italian countryside, it's beauty, sweeping landscape, this poem is disapproving countryside so it could be meant to be looked down upon
    • Imagery
      • city is lively, 'You watch who crosses and gossips', seems to be someone who thrives on stimulus
      • though all that she wears is ssome weeds round her waist in a sort of sash', attitudes to women can be trashy, or naked, slight, slight letchery, enjoys staring at fountain at strange shaps
      • 'With a pink gauze all spangles,', rashy, all her finery on, she is supposed to be Virgin married carried through the town but she seems not very serious, he uses an ! which makes it seem less serious
    • Character
      • He could learn contentment, he is grumpy instead
        • Judgemental, arrogant, 'fanciful signs that are painted properly, alliteration emphasises he signs impotance, seems pointless ot the reader
      • 'Houses in four straight lines, not a single front awry' inward looking, not wanting to share emotion, conformities, wants things to be straight/orderly
      • Cannot escape beauty of city he often injects countriyside related things into city description, e.g 'white as a curd' are the houses'
        • 'the faint grey olive trees'- sounds beautiful!
        • Similiar to the way Brother awerence is described as bad, btu we can see he is good depsite this, irony
      • he admits soem like the countryside, 'Some think fireflies pretty, when they mix i' the corn and mingle'
        • avoids autum, 'Enough of these seasons', could eb a rhetorical device, makybe Atum is so beautiful he can;t describe it
      • '-only this morning, three liberal theives were shot', shocking contrasted with light jokey tone, he loves the excitment
      • He can't afford the city although he loves it
    • 'Just on a mountain-edge as bare as the creature's skull
      • isolated, vulnerable, scraggs bushes, similie of the creatures skull is quite frightening! shows passion he doesn't like coutnryside, odd as you expect glowing beauty and greenness in the coutnryside
    • 'The wild tulip/like a thin clear bubble of blood' how cna he see blood in a wild fbeautiful flower, suggests someone who doesn't appreciate beauty
    • City is full of flattery, hyperbole,
    • inks with LAR, completly diff attitude to nature, calm this is hustle and bustle which is thought of as good
      • Links with ToccatoG, intoxicated w/city life
        • Links with Apparent F, visual depiction, past/present


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