The Tohoku Tsunami, Japan 2011

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  • The Tohoku Tsunami, Japan 2011
    • Effects of a Tsunami
      • Primary Effects
        • 20,000 killed
        • 200,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed
      • Secondary Effects
        • Ruptured gas pipes led to fires
        • Around 500km² of coastal plains were inundated
        • Stocks of food, water and medical supplies ran low
        • Over 1,000 aftershocks prevented relief efforts
    • Responses to a Tsunami
      • Over 100,000 Japanese soldiers were deployed in search and rescue
        • They distributed blankets, water and food
      • An exclusion zone was set up around the Fukushima nuclear plant.
      • People were evacuated from the area
      • A huge re-building and reconstruction programme was planned


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