Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Japan

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  • Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
    • Japan, Friday 11th 2011
    • Introduction
      • 30% of the world's earthquakes happen in Japan because there is a lot of seismic activity
      • Epicentre was 400km north-east of Tokyo
      • Worst affected areas were around Sendai in Japan, but parts of America were affected by the tsunami
      • There were a few pre-shocks and the main earthquake hit at 14:46 (local time) and was a magnitude of 8.9/9
    • Destruction
      • Around 19,000 lives were lost
        • 8% because of the earthquake, the rest because of the tsunami
      • 1.2 million buildings were destroyed/ damaged and 4000 roads, 78 bridges and 29 railways were affected
      • Around $574 billion worth of damage
    • The Tsunami
      • 3 minutes after the main earthquake, the tsunami started towards Japan
      • It started off as ten spread out waves, but as they came closer to the shore, they combined to one large 15m high wave
      • The tsunami reached 10 km inland before it bagan to receed
    • Preparation
      • Earthquake proof buildings
      • Regular practice drills
      • Warning put on television warning the poeple
      • They had sea wall, but they were not tall enough
      • Earthquake grab bag containing  important things
    • Effects
      • Poorly built houses collapsed
      • The tsunami swept through the land, taking buildings and people with it
      • As the tsunami travelled, it gained destructive power because of all the debry in the water
      • many people lost jobs, homes and families
      • Example - Farmers would have to deal with their land being flooded and all their crops gone
      • Example - Office workers might not have a job to go back to because the building might have been destroyed, or the company lost too much money and had to close
    • Environment
      • Habitats of animals living in the area were destroyed
      • Pets like cats got stuck inside houses
      • Animals used to earthquakes, but not tsunamis
    • Rescue
      • Government sent out emergancy services to help people caught up in the disastor
      • Trying to rebuild houses
      • Rescue services sent looking for missing people


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