case study- the Tohoku Tsunami, japan

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Happened=11th march 2011


earthquake measuring 9.0 on the richter scale occured at destructive plate margin where pacific plate is being subducted beneath north american plate

  • about 100km east of sendai on honshu, japan

sceintists believe:

a segment of rock, some 200 km in length slipped suddenly =upwards flick of earths crust by between 5-10m causes tsunami


  • waves swept up to 10km on shore= over 20,000 killed
  • high death toll due to power of surge of water that overtopped tsunami defences, flooding areas thought to be safe
  • 500 km2 coastal plains were flooded, destroying farmland, settlements and communications.
  • the port city of sendai was virtually destroyed
  • 200,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami ruptured gas pipes = fires raging for serveral


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