the sun industry and audiences

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  • the sun industry and audiences
    • the importance of funding
      • newspapers earn revenue from their advertisements and so, in this sense, journalism is being seen more and more as a commodity whose purpose is predominantly for profit.
      • £1 in every £7 spent on groceries is spent by a sun reader making it a very attractive advertising vehicle.
      • as readership figures or print news continues to drop and advertisers choosing to leave if figures drop too low, newspapers are under increasing pressure to capture audiences
        • so... the populist nationalist ideology and emotive ultimatum that dominate the cover is a clear bid to attract those readers who voted to leave.
          • the range of British cultural institutions, from royalty to the red arrows is trying to appeal to the largest range of audience interests
    • the impact of technologies
      • in august 2013, the sun launched  sun+, a subscription service digital entertainment package. subscribers paid £2 per week but were able to access all of the suns regular content as well as have exclusive access to premier league clips, a variety of digital rewards and a lottery
        • despite the cost of this, sun+ had 117,000 subscribers who they could engage with on a more personal level due to the brand loyalty created from the subscription. this was just one of the ways the sun adapted to people's reading habits
          • people now had less time to spare and increasingly turned to 'reading on the go'
          • however, in November 2015, the paper had to remove the paywall and offer most of its contents for free in order to compete with major rivals such as the mail online.
            • since this removal, it now has around 1 million browsers per day.
      • despite the move of most news services to online platforms, the print edition continues to be extremely popular with approx. 3 million daily readers, compared to 4 million who consume it on mobile devices
    • target audiences
      • the sun targets the lower middle social classes, most of whom haven't attended higher education.
      • 2 thirds of its readers are over 35 years old, 54% are male and its biggest audience share comes from the c2DE demographic
      • the average reading age of the uk population is 9 years old. the sun has a reading age of 8 years.
        • its use of bold words, lots of visuals and smaller chunks of text means they are purposefully making their products accessible to everyone and especially appealing to members of our society who have weaker literacy skills.
          • in addition, this way of formatting makes it easier to read at speed, on the daily commute for example, and to skim and scan the paper to find specific articles that interest you.


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