'The Role of Music in Twelfth Night'

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  • 'The Role of Music in Twelfth Night'
    • John Hollander, 1956
    • What is it about?
      • Feasting, indulgence and the humours
      • The merry Twelfth Night period
        • The sadness around it as everything will eventually be restored
      • Music, eating and drinking and overall the importance of merriment and the festive period
    • Key Quotes
      • "Develops an ethic of indulgence based on the notion that the personality of any individual is a function of the dynamic appetites that may govern his behaviour"
        • Over indulgence in the play - Sir T's drinking, Orsino's love, Olivia's mourning
      • "Surfeiting the appetite that it will sick and die, leaving fulfilled the tempered, harmonious self"
        • The characters whom indulge their feelings believe this will achieve their desires
          • Olivia over indulges in her mourning believe it will quell her desire for it
          • Orsino is more in love with the idea of love rather than actual love - reason why we except his love for Viola (links to Shaprio)
      • "Exterior fluids of all kinds, wine, tears, sea-water, urine, and finally the rain of inevitability bathe the whole world of Illyria, in constant reference throughout the play"
        • Lots of fluid references, Orsino's "receiveth  as the sea" and "hungry as the sea" and to drink "Drink to her as long as there is a passage in my throat and a drink in Illlyria"
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