Shakespeare's Festive Comedies

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  • Shakespeare's Festive Comedies
    • By Francois Laroque
    • What is it about?
      • SP's comedies bring awareness to 'mirth and freedom' by bringing attention to festive traditions
      • The crucial features within festive comedy
    • Key Quotes
      • "songs, music and lyrics are particularly important in Shakespeare's festive comedies"
        • " if music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die.”
          • Music becomes important in the play from the start
        • Feste's songs - the outsider who observes
      • Subplots "take up the tricks of humours and the cruel games of deception and exposure"
        • Doubling - "poor lady she were better love a dream"
      • "one cannot do away with the basic discrepancy between ritual and reality"
        • "My father had a daughter loved a man" - Orsino is unaware of the dramatic irony
      • "contribute to the general mirth and to the dancing spirits that accompany the rites of love and restore harmony"
        • Links to the plot of 'Twelfth Night' - the doubling, the subplot and various contextual factors such as the riots of the twelfth night period cause chaos that is resolved
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