Love through the ages- Drama wider reading log.

My wider reading log for the AQA A2 exam 'Reading for meaning- Love through the ages'

I also have ones for prose and poetry. 

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Era Drama Title Author Quotes Love Themes Context if Additional
relevant Notes
Tragedy- 16th Othello William "An old black Race- Drama Took
century- Shakespeare yam is transgressive dominant inspiration
1500's tupping your form of from Greek
white yew" writing. tragedy,
Jacobean Aristotle `fall
tragedies. "Loved for Young Love- Males often is caused by
the dangers Both lacking characters a fatal flaw
he had in some way but it is the in his
passed" and female character'
he loved "that characters
she did pity that
them." ultimately
Desdemona's are seen as
"I do not youth ­ first hero. Emilia.
think there is love- fails to
any such recognise
woman" that what reality is
would sleep really like
with a man
that is not her
16th Century
"I am nothing gender roles
but to please
his fantasy"
16th century
"Men are but gender roles
stomachs, and inequality
they eat us up of marriage
and belch us
Women role
"It is duty I defied.
obey you but
not now"
Shakespearea Twelfth William "If music be Love as an Comedy
n Comedy Night Shakespeare the food of unwanted
love play on, occurrence
give me that comes
excess of it without
...surfeiting' warning.
"So full of
Reality of love
shapes is
(fancy) and
fancy/That it

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Orsino and
Olivia switch
lovers at a
Restoration The Oscar Wilde Lady Social class- Subject During the
Comedy importance Bracknell calls gossip- matter of English Civil
of being on Lady women roles- restoration War
Victorian Earnest Harbury marry for comedy is (1642-51)
"looks quite money and the theatres
twenty years not love. presentation were closed
younger.. of society by the
since her and classes. Puritans.…read more

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Like being Like above between
with papa' men and
Pet names- women.
`spendfrift' patronising
' Working-
reliant upon
`almost like husbands
being a man'
Patriarchy on
Dr. Rank unhappy
`must pay for marriages
the fun my
father had' Marriages not
built on
`there are equality or
some people trust.…read more

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Jerry: You Affair,
remember meeting with
the form. I past lovers.
ask about Love and sex.
husband, you
ask about my
1979 Bent Martin Max walking Max refuses Play set in Involved in
Sherman. with Horst's to 1930's the Gay
body. acknowledge Germany. liberation
"I never held his own Subject- Nazi movement
you before homosexualit persecution of the
(silence) y, choosing of 1970's.
You're safe I instead to be homosexuals
won't drop interned as a .
you. Jew.
Reflects the
I think...…read more

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Incest.. Eddie importance
passion that and niece of reputation
had moved Catherine. and naming
into his body, Unconscious names
like a passion to his
stranger" conscious self.
"You're Women as
walkin' wavy! sexual object-
I don't like girl- woman.
the looks
they're givin'
Beatrice views
"when am I sex as key
going to be a role of a wife.
wife again ­ marriage-
Eddie" lack of
(katy)- "I
don't know First love, but
anything assumes
Rodolpho..…read more


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