The Problem of Evil Scholars

Im sure theres more scholars to use but here are some. this is for the new 2018 spec 

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  • The Problem of Evil Scholars
    • Augustine
      • soul deciding
      • Gen 1-3
      • evil is a privation of good
      • humans are sinful- Original Sin. so deserve to be punished
      • Schleiermacher
        • either the world was not created perfect or God made it go wrong
    • Swinburne
      • we need freedom in our responsibilities
      • agrees with soul making
    • J. L Mackie
      • inconsistent triad
    • Hick
      • inclusivist
      • epistemic distance (gap in the knowledge between God and us)
        • after death we become in the likeness of God
        • opportunity for soul making after death
        • God guides us to be like him
          • but then no free will?
      • God guides us to be like him
    • Iraneaus
      • clay analogy
      • God made us imperfect so we can develop over time
      • hell is a place
      • suffering makes us from image of God to likeness of God.
      • if you don't strive to be like God you are incomplete
    • David Rowe
      • suffering cannot have a purpose there is too much suffering in the world for it to be justified
    • Platinga
      • God gave us free will this caused evil (similar to Augustine)


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