Miracles Quiz


Miracles Quiz I  

  1. What is St Thomas Aquinas’ definition of miracles?
  2. Is Hume’s case against miracles inductive or deductive?
  3. Swinburne argues that testimonies are not the only evidence against miracles what are the other two?
  4. What is Alastair McKinnon’s position on miracles?
  5. Under what grounds would Flew accept that a miracle has occurred?
  6. What is the fundamental problem Wiles has with miracles?
  7. Who are the two scholars who follow in similar footsteps to St Augustine and argue that we cannot judge that God is arbitrary and partisan but rather we may not understand his reasoning?
  8. Why does Irenaeus reject the occurrence of miracles?
  9. What is the contingency definition of a miracle?
  10. What are the three types of miracles Aquinas states there are?


  1. ‘Those things...which are done by divine power apart from the oder generally followed in things’.
  2. Inductive - he bases it on the vast number of occasions when a miracle has not occurred.
  3. Our apparent memories and physical traces left


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