Assess the claim that the universe provides no evidence for the existence of an omnipotent God.

  1. Assess the claim that the universe provides no evidence for the existence of an omnipotent God. 

Evidence = Inconsistant Triad 

How can an omnibenevolent/omnipotent God create a flawed world so riddled with sin? Surely if God is good and all loving then he should be able to irradicate evil. But is he powerful enough? 


There is evidence of an omnipotent God in the universe.

Main Body.

Firstly address the idea of the definition of omnipotence. The classical (christian) definition as presented by Aquinas is that God is all powerful, meaning he can do anything that is logically possible to do. (This solves many of the problems that Dawkins would have raised that makes omnipotence illogical. E.g. If he knew (due to omniscience) that he would intervene in the world then he was compelled to do so which restricts his omnipotence.) However Descartes argues that this is too much of a restraint on his power to be omnipotent and so he believed that he created this world with one set of logic and laws but he could have created another world that followed different logical laws. As we are limited to this worlds logic and laws we are unable to understand the 'logically impossible' when it could really be making a square circle. Kenny however believes omnipotence to be an expression of God's Great Power however this does not mean that He can do anything like the logically impossible.

The fact that evil exists seems to imply that the world we live in is flawed. Can be all powerful and do the logically impossible and there still be evil? Firstly we need to define evil, is evil simply a privation of good, a necessary opposite or is it a seperate entity that exists alongside good? 

Euthyphro Dilemma

Is goodness good because God commands it or is good commanded by God because it is good?

If goodness is good because God commands it then something is good according to Gods opinion, it is not an objective truth but if it is good thus God commands it then there must be a higher force working above God in order to set out what is good. This questions God omnipotence, can God go against goodness? God and goodness are intertwined, God is


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