The postmodernist view of the family

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  • postmodernist view of the family
    • There is not one 'best' family type. There is so much diversity now
    • People make choices about family life and relationships
    • life course analysis
      • tamara hareven
        • to understand family we must look at the choices people make
        • Theres varation  in peoples lives and the decisions they make are based on timing and events
    • Antony Giddens
      • pure relationships
        • great equality between men and women so can choose their roles
          • choice = instability
        • womens equality, contraception
    • Becks risk society
      • traditional family was stable
      • more choice means calculating risk
      • family is negotiated
        • roles aren't fixed, according to families decisions
      • more equal and lacks stability
        • more emphasis on individuals needs than the family
        • if these aren't met then can result in divorce
    • The connectedness thesis
      • don't have complete freedom of choice
        • we are connected to others which influences our choice and relationships
        • separated parents remain linked through children
        • class and gender limits choice


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