Marxist view of the family

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  • The Marxist view of the family
    • Friedrich Engles
      • The monogamous couple (nuclear family) benefits capitalism
        • Through inheritance
        • Allows wealth and male dominance to be passed down
    • Louis Althusser
      • Family has an ideological function
      • socialises members into values of bourgeoisie and keep workers subordinate
        • Obediance to authority (respect elders)
        • Value of hard work
    • Eli Zaretzsky
      • Ideological function
      • Safe haven benefits ruling class
        • Benefits worker. makes life bearable and strengthens false class consciousness
        • Benefits capitalism. contribute better to economy. less likely to rebel
    • Unit of consumption
    • Reproduction of next generation of workers
    • Evalution
      • Strengths
        • still relevant. capitalism still exsists alongside the nuclear family
        • Still being socialised into capitalist values
      • Weaknesses
        • Functionalists. ignores the positive functions of the family
        • Feminists.  Ignores gender inequality
        • postmodernist.class isn't as fixed now there is social mobility


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