The portestant ethic and emergence of capitalism

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  • The protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism (main force in social change)
    • Weber
  • Industrial revolution
    • The emergence of mass production mid 18th century
    • weber- religion brought about this change and capitalism
  • 1500's catholcism dominated Europe with its beliefs
    • corruption amongst authority figures led to outrage, question its testings
      • martin luther suggests people must return back to basic teachings of the bible
        • john calvin turned this into a religion called calvinism
          • belief that god had chosen an 'elect' few to go to heaven. had to convince themselves they were chosen
            • salvation anxiety
            • hard labour, reinvestment of capitalism and sin free exsistence emeerged
              • planted first seeds of capitalism, economic growth occurred in places that held these views ( UK germany)
  • Protestant ethic
    • belief of hardwork and strong self discipline based on view god has chosen an elect few to enter heaven
    • encouraged spirit of capitalism


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