The organisation of government administration

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  • The organisation of government administration
    • ministerial departments
      • Cabinet Office
      • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
      • Department for Communities and Local Government
      • Department for Education
      • HM Treasury
      • Home Office
      • Ministry of Defence
      • + A LOT MORE!!
    • non-ministerial departments
      • The Charity Commission
      • Crown Prosecution Service
      • Food Standards Agency
      • HM Revenue and Customs
      • The National Archives
      • Ofsted
      • Ordnance Survey
      • Supreme Court of the UK
      • + A LOT MORE!!
    • the role of the civil service
      • helps the government develop and implement its policy
      • provides services directly to the public
      • number of civil servants has declined as more government services are provided on an agency basis and their employees are then not directly employed civil servants
      • politically neutral, impartial and remain in post when governments change
      • made up of 25 professions + in 2015 there were 431,000 civil servants in post
      • Senior Civil Service is made up of the top 3600 civil servants who devise policy and advise ministers  -  earn between £60,000 and £140,000
    • Government in the UK is organised and delivered via government departments (ministries)
    • the role of government departments is the planning and commissioning of services for other bodies to run
    • agencies are business units at arm's length from the government which carry out specific functions on behalf of their client
      • Air Accident Investigation Branch
      • Bank of England
      • Imperial War Museum
      • British Film Institute
      • Criminal Cases review Commission
    • public corporations are created to perform a governmental function or to operate under government control
      • Historic Royal Palaces
      • BBC
      • Channel 4
      • Civil Aviation Authority
    • high profile groups are specialist groups or posts within government that by regulation need to be consulted
      • Government Chemist
      • Civil Nuclear Constubulary
      • Veterans UK


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