Deciduous woodlands management

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  • The New Forest
    • The New Forest is a National Park, which requires sustainable management for a number of reasons.
      • The National Park is a popular tourist attraction, with over 15 million visitors each year contributing towards the local economy.
      • The movement of visitors through the forest is increasing litter, causing erosion of paths and increasing air pollution from traffic.
      • Softwood and hardwood timber is being extracted for commercial use.
      • 40% of the woodland is privately owned, and if often left unmanaged.
    • Sustainable management of the New Forest
      • New trees planted to replace those cut down
      • The Green Leaf Tourism Scheme promotes use of local products; businesses give percentage of land for wildlife and encourage visitors to walk or use bikes.
      • Tree felling controlled -  some trees left; older trees felled and left to rot on forest floor.
      • Work restricted between April and August minimises disturbance to nesting birds.
      • Pesticide use limited to prevent damage to the natural ecosystem
      • Sustainable transport schemes for tourists (e.g. bike and electric vehicle hire) helping to reduce congestion and air pollution
      • Landowners funded to plant native tree species by NPA
      • Awareness raising by NPA - leaflets, posters - on importance of sustainability in the New Forest
      • Careful management by National Park Authority (NPA) ,with dedicated walking and cycling routes in more fragile areas


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