epping forest temperate decduios forest biome case study

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Temperate Deciduous Woodland

A Case Study - Epping Forest

  • Epping Forest is located in Essex, UK
  • It is north-east of London in between the M25 + M11
  • It is the largest public open space near London
  • It is an SSSI (Sit for Specific Scientific Interest)
  • There are grasslands, heaths, bogs and ponds withing the forest
  • It covers 6000 acres
  • It is 12 miles long and 2.5 miles wide
  • 70% of the forest is deciduous woodland (mostly beech)
  • It is home to 3 native species: woodpeckers, wood-boring stag beetle and fallow deer
  • In Norman times the forest was used to hunt deer
  • Locals used to be able to graze…


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