1.1.4 The nature of humanity

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  • The Nature of Humanity
    • SOWA
      • The Catechism says that being in the image of God means humans have dignity as they are not a thing, they are a person.
      • Genesis 1 says that God gave humans control of the living things on Earth.
      • Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have said in letters that Catholics have a duty to protect the earth.
      • The Catechism says humanity's control of nature is limited to God requiring them to preserve the environment and care for their neighbours.
      • The Catechism states that "God enables men to be intelligent and free... to complete the work of creation, to perfect its harmony for their own good and that of their neighbours.
    • Divergent views
      • CHRISTIANS believe we have dominion (the right to rule over the world) because God gave this authority, however, we are also stewards and we should use our authority to make the world a good place for all living things.
      • Most NON-CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS believe the same as Catholics when it comes to creation. We need to care for the environment because it is a gift from God.
      • HUMANISTS believe we should look after the world for the next generation. People should work together to improve the world and make it more fair for everyone.
      • Some NON-RELIGIOUS PEOPLE believe we should look after creation to make it enjoyable for everyone. Some other non-religious people believe its more important to live in the present and not worry about the future.
    • Imago Dei
      • Catholics believe being made in the image of God means we have human dignity ans special responsibility.  Genesis teaches God made us in his image. We are all special, unique and sacred in God's sight and we are more than just animals.
      • Importance
        • It means we are the only creations who can know and love their creator.
        • Just like God we can decide what is right and wrong as we have free will.
        • Like the trinity we can love in a deep and meaningful way.
        • We are answerable to God as we are created in image.
      • Why might some disagree?
        • If we were made in Gods image then humans wouldn't be capable of evil.
        • As all humans are fundamentally different how can we all be made inthe image of God.
    • Stewardship
      • Imago Dei means humans have a huge responsibility to care for the planet for God.
      • We should look after the planet and leave it in a better state for the future generations.
      • We should make sure creation is not exploited by humans, resulting in things like pollution.
      • We should make sure the earths resources are shared out fairly and treat Gods creations fairly and harmoniously.


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