RS - Belief in Deity

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Christians beliefs about Nature of God

  • He is outside time and space - transcendant
  • Omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing)
  • Omnibenevolent (all godd + all loving) - wants best for people
  • He will judge everyone
  • Created universe for a purpose


 God takes 3 forms (trinity) - 3 ways of him being God

  • Father - transcendant creator
  • Son - Jesus is imminant and personal, came to earth and lived a human life
  • Holy Spirit - imminant but impersonal, inspires and guides Christians


Definition - an unexplainable event that breaks the laws of nature and can only be caused by a supernatural being such as God

The Miracle of Jesus:

In the New testament, there are records of many miracles that he performed

eg:  walking on sea, healing the sick, calming a storm, raising the dead

It is also miraculous that Jesus was born of a virgin…


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