The Nature and Authority of the Bible; Neo-orthodox and Liberal approaches

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  • The Nature and Authority of the Bible; Neo-orthodox and Liberal approaches
    • Neo-orthodox
      • Karl Barth
        • A Swiss Protestant theologian.
          • Alive 1886-1968
        • Believed the Bible:
          • Is not the word of God, but contains the it.
          • The way humanity may experience God is realising the need for forgiveness and divine mercy shown through Jesus.
          • Is not inerrant with respect to sciences, history and religion.
            • The writers were products of their time and subject to limitations of intellect.
    • Liberal Approaches
      • Covers a wide range of approaches:
        • Some believe that those who wrote the texts were guided by God.
        • Others believe that the Bible is an entirely human document.
          • Consisting of what the writers believed about God and his purpose for the world.
        • What individual authors wrote was a product of the culture and age in which each of them lived and of their particular temperament and the world.
        • The Bible is not inspired, but it may be inspiring to individuals.
          • Eg. Jesus' statement in Matthew 26:52 that those who draw the sword will die by the sword may inspire some Christians to be a pacifist.
        • The Sea of Faith Network
          • Includes Christians with very liberal views.
          • Claims that faith is a purely human creation.
            • Thus, the Bible has no authority other than any that an individual might choose to give it.


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