The nature and authority of the Bible

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  • The nature and authority of the Bible; Conservative approaches
    • Catholic Views
      • The Bible is inspired by God, but was written by human beings.
      • The inspirtation relates to the Bible as a whole, rather than each individual word/ verse.
      • They make distinctions between the key messages in the Bible and their level of errancy.
        • They believe that the key messages in the Bible about salvation are without error.
        • However, the accounts of the individual authors who were products of their time and culture need to be understood in their context.
      • Genesis 1 was never intended to be scientific or a factual account of the origins of the universe.
        • The author instead used the myth to convey truths about God's nature as creature and the nature of humanity and the created world.
        • "The Bible is not meant to convey precise historical information or scientific findings to us." -Dei Verbum
      • Guidance in interpreting the Bible comes from:
        • Tradition
          • Refers to the teachings, customs and practices of the Church passed down through the centuries.
            • Seen as equal in importance to the Bible.
        • Magesterium
          • Refers to the teaching authority of the Pope and bishops who preserve and interpret the Bible and Tradition.
        • The individuals informed conscience and reason.


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