The Authority of the Church

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  • The Authority of the Church
    • Basic history of the Church
      • Jesus gave the Apostles the authority to lead the Church.
        • The Apostles passed on their authority to new leaders (bishops).
          • This transmision of authority continued down the centuries.
            • This became known as the Apostolic Succession.
      • In Western Europe, the Pope (Bishop of Rome) was the leader of the Church, thus everyone had to obey him.
        • In the 16th century, many Protestants rebelled against the Pope's authority.
          • They became known as Protestants
      • By the 16th century, there were 2 main Christian traditions in Western Europe:
        • Catholic Church, led by the Pope,
        • Protestant Church, which consists of many different denominations.
        • One of the key areas of disagreement between the traditions related to the authority given to the Bible and the authority given to the Church.
    • Outline of the two different views of the authoirty of the Bible and Church
      • Protestant view
        • Sola Scriptura
          • The Bible alone has authority.
        • Believers interpret what it says to them in their situation through prayer and in the light of their conscience.
      • Catholic view
        • Bible and Tradition are equal in status.
        • The Magisterium (teaching authority of the Church) is the guardian and interpreter of both the Bible and Tradition.


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