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  • The Media and the free press
    • Roles of the media
      • free press
        • This is the concept that states that for a free,open and democratic. society to exist, the press should be free from political interference and should be able to print stories they wish
      • the media  provide information about the world and the area near you.
    • Types of media
      • E-Media
        • all forms of media related to the internet (e stands for electronic)
          • Instagram and online news
      • Mass-Media
        • the means of communicating to a large number of people at the same time
          • Television , the internet and newspapers are examples of mass-media
      • Traditional
        • all non-traditional forms of media
          • Newspapers, radios and television
      • Social
        • the ways in which people interact with each other on the internet
          • Instagram, twitter and Facebook are examples
      • Ofcom
        • the office of communication; a government regulator for elements of the media industry
    • change
      • the power of the media is almost instant, when it invades the internet
        • In September 2015, a picture was published showing a dead 2 year old boy on a beach dead. In 24 Hours the UK said it will let more refugees in.


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