GCSE Citizenship Studies


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Key Words

Dictatorship - A Leader who has unlimeted power

Autocratic - A Ruler who is in charge of Everything

Plutocracy - People Who are powerful because they are rich

Meritocracy - Ruler of people because theu have higher order or intelect

Direct Democracy - When people make decisions together as a single group

Representative Democracy - When people elect a representative to take on their behalf e.g. a local counciller, and MP, or a school Counciller

Council Tax - A tax paid to the council by most householders based on the value of there property

Stereotype - Standardize idea of a type of person or thing

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Key words

Community -  All the people living on one district which share  origins of interest

Diverse - Having variety assorted, different in kind, quality of being different or varied

Diversity - Quality of being different or varied

Immigrant - Someone who had entered the country illegally

Immigration - Coming to a foreign country to escape

Media - The mass media collectivity

Newspaper - Weekly or daily publication

Perception - Act of percieving, intuitive judgement

Racism - Violent abusive manor towards other races

Tabload - Small sized newspaper with mainly photographs

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Some of the keywords are either incorrect or useless. For example the word media is used to describe media and an immigrant is said to be a person who has entered a country illegally, which is incorrect.

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