Poetry- The Manhunt

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  • The Manhunt
    • Structure
      • fragmented
        • Shows how her husbands personality is different to what it used to be, irregular in a sense
      • Irregular rhyme scheme
        • This shows how complicated their love has become since her husband returned from war
      • couplets
        • They don't rhyme which links to the sense that she's still trying to rediscover her lost husband, and that everything is confusing.
      • enjambment
        • This could show that she will continue to search for her husband no matter what
    • Language
      • Blown
        • Instant change, which really would effect him
      • damaged
        • Temporary change, there is still a chance that with time he could fully heal and their relationship could go to normal
      • silk
        • Weak, reinforces his vulnerability
      • foetus
        • War has changed them in the same way a baby would.
    • Theme of war
      • "a sweating, unexploded mine buried deep in his mind". The source of the problem is not physical but mental, and threatens to cause problems at any time.
      • the impact of war on one particular relationship.
        • "Then, and only then, did I come close". Her search is not fully successful, she only comes"close", he will never let her get close enough to know everything
    • The wife is carefully looking after him, and is aware of his fragile mental state
      • mind and attend
      • search
      • Handle and hold


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