The Manhunt

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  • The Manhunt
    • Context
      • Simon Armitage 1963 West Yorkshire
      • Strong concern for social issues
      • Strong sense of rhythm and metre
      • 15 collections of poetry, films, television, radio, lyrics and translations
      • Colloquial and autobiographical
    • Subject
      • Perspective of the wife of a soldier who has been badly injured at war and returned home
      • Physical and mental effects of living with injuries when on active service in the armed forces
    • Structure
      • Series of mostly unrhymed couplets
      • Shows fragmentation - feelings of soldier's wife as she tries to understand her 'new' husband
      • Phases of wife's search for answers from her injured husband
      • Poem ends with search being brought to a close
    • Language
      • Puns on the idea of hunting a criminal but actually wife's metaphorical search for a husband she has lost
      • Prominent verbs to describe wife's  search e.g. explore, handle and hold, mind and attend
      • Careful subtle movements, patient care for mental state
      • Husband's body metaphorical, inanimate objects
      • Jaw is blown hinge so no longer open to her, cannot talk about experiences
      • Collar bone damaged, porcelain - hard, easily chipped, cold
      • Sensual and loving verbs showing intimacy and keen devotion from wife
      • Rungs of broken ribs show closely observed detail, effort and gradual progression
    • Attitudes, Themes and Ideas
      • Patience and care of love, methodical and thorough in search
      • Cost of war on soldiers
      • Grazed heart can be literal wound or experiences mean he cannot talk to wife so relationship affected
      • Metal bullet is foetus as if couple had a child
      • Sweating, unexploded mine buried deep in his mind - mental not physical, threatens problems at any time - wife's delicacy and care
      • Not right or wrongs of war but impact on one relationship
    • Comparisons
      • In Paris With You - unwilling to discuss experiences of past, keen to focus on present
      • The Farmer's Bride - Manhunt is woman exploring feelings for man, others from male point of view


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