The Importance of Gorbachev in bring about the End of the Cold War

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  • The Importance of Gorbachev in bringing about the End of the Cold War
    • came to power in 1985 and needed to introduce change to deal with the severe economic policies
    • Glasnost and Perestroika
      • Perestroika = restructuring the economy and relaxing centralised control
      • Glasnost = openness in economics and politics to allow for progress
      • 1986, state censorship was relaxed and the media revealed the extent of  corruption and failures of the government to the public
    • Political change
      • 1987, free local elections allowed and new political parties - Democratic Union - emerged
      • New private industries did not all prove effective
        • economic problems continued and there was widespread economic uncertainty that lead to job losses
      • 1989, free elections for new Congress of People's Deputies
        • Gorbachev had gotten rid of Article, which had guaranteed the communists supreme power
          • Outside political leaders - Yeltsin - took power and had ousted Gorbachev by 1991
    • Impact of Change
      • Eastern Europe and states within the USSR broke away and distanced themselves from communism
      • Gorbachev had stopped supporting unpopular communist regimes with military force
      • Integral changes in the USSR lead to a new détente and the collapse of themselves without change being dictated by Western pressure


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