The Importance of Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech

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  • The Importance of Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech
    • Key Ideas
      • Europe was firmly divided by an "iron curtain"
      • The USSR controlled the Eastern European country
      • The USSR wanted  its power and communism to expand without limit
    • March 1946 - in the opposition, Churchill was more free to express his criticism of the USSR
    • Reactions to the Speech
      • Stalin reacted by arguing the USSR had a right to protect themselves after their heavy losses in the war
      • Many in the USA thought the speech was irresponsible
      • The USA government was already moving towards a policy of opposition to communism
    • Accuracy and Importance
      • At this point, the USSR was in complete control of the Eastern Bloc
      • Encouraged anti-Russian sentiment and provoked a strong reaction from the USSR which escalated tensions


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