Iron Curtain and Long Telegram

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  • the call for firmer action by the west against the threat of communism was made by Churchill
  • it was delivered at Fulton, Missouri on the 5th March 1946
  • the speech describes how an "iron curtain has descended across the continent"
  • in order to meet the expanding of Soviets, Churchill called for an alliance between Britain and America
  • ultimately Atlee became thankful
  • it fell into line with Truman's Iron




What is the Iron Curtain and How was it a Huge Influence on International Relations?

The Iron Curtain is a term used to describe the boundary between the Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc during the Cold War. The Iron Curtain divided Europe into two separate areas: one area that was controlled by Communist countries, known as the Eastern Bloc, and another area that was controlled by democratic countries, known as the Western Bloc.