The Health and Social Care Act 2012

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  • The Health and Social Care Act 2012
    • This act is underpinned by two main principles.
      • 1. Enabling patients to have more control over the care they recieve.
      • 2. Making sure practitioners have the freedom and power to commision care that meets local needs.
    • Key principles
      • 'No Decision About Me Without Me' is intended to be the guiding principle by which patients are treated. Patients will be able to choose their GP, Treatment, Hospital etc
      • Clinical commission groups are GP-led bodies that commission most health services and secondary care services.
      • Health and wellbeing boards bring together commissioners, councillors and a lay representative  to promote joint working and tackle inequalities
      • Increased focus on prevention with local councils taking over responsibility for public health services and population health improvement eg obesity
      • Health watch is an independent service created by the act which aims to protect the interests of all of those who use the HSC services. It has a role in communicating the views of patients to commissioning bodies and regulators.


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