legislation part one

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  • legislation
    • the care act 2014
      • there is a duty for local authorities ti promote an individuals well being
      • care must be continued for someone even if they move area so that there is no gap in the persons care
      • local authorises must carry out child's needs assessments for young people when there is likely to be a need for care after the age of 18
      • an independent advocate is to be available to facilitate the involvement of an adult or carer who is the subject of an assessment
    • safe guarding
      • adult safe guarding includes the responsibility enquiries into cases of abuse and neglect
      • local authorities have to guarantee preventative services which could help reduce or delay the development of care and support needs
    • the health and social care act 2012
      • no decision about me without me is intended to be the guiding principle by which patients are treated. they will be able to choose there - gp, consultant, treatment and hospital
      • clinical commissioning groups are gp lead bodies that commission most health services
      • health and well being boards bring together health and social care commissioners, Councillors to help tackle inequalities in peoples health and well being
      • health watch: an independent service created by the act, which aims to protect the interests of all who use these services
    • the mental capacity act
      • a presumption of capacity - every adult has the right to make their own decisions and must be assumed  to have the capacity to do so unless it is proved otherwise
      • support to make their own, a person must be given all practicable help before anyone treats them as not being able to make their own decisions
      • people have the righto to make what others may regard as an unwise decision
      • action taken or decisions made under the act or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity and so a decision can be made in a persons best interest
      • anything done or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity should be least restrictive of their basic rights and freedom


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