The Great Gatsby 

General background information about the time of the 1920s, and a brief context of the storyline.

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  • The Great Gatsby
    • Context
      • Francis Scott Fitzgerald – Born September 24th, 1896 + raised in St.Paul, Minnesota 
        • Never graduated from college - enlisted in the army in 1917
      • Novel was influenced by his wife's antics.
      • Storyline was set in a 3 month period.
        • Main location: Long Island, New York. Occasionally moves to Manhattan.
          • Set during the Jazz Age in the 1920s.
    • War
      • The end of WW1, also known as  'The Great War'.
    • Music + entertainment
      • "The Jazz Age"
        • Bessie Smith
        • Bing Crosby
        • Gene Krupa
        • Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five
        • The Boswell Sisters
      • Art Deco
      • "The Lost Generations" was the name given to American writers, poets and artists who lived in Europe in the 1920s.
      • Famous people
        • Coco Chanel
        • Gloria Swanson (actress)
        • Al Capone (Gangster)
        • Albert Einstein
        • Charlie Chaplin (Actor)
    • Class & Wealth
      • Divorce rates increased
        • Greater freedom - Charleston
    • The government
      • The Prohibition or "the noble experiment" - banned production, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933.
        • This was because of the high rates of organised crime, poverty, and corruption.
      • Immigration Act
        • Restrictions were made on immigration legislations. There were bans on East Asians, Indians and Africans
      • Taxes benefitted the wealthy.
    • Women of the time
      • Their rights to vote were just accepted and legalised - August 18th 1920
      • Women were given the right to work in 1920
      • Role changes - women dressed more masculine and wore shorter dresses.
      • More freedom - more leisure time


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